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Info on the 1995 National Conference: The Creative Arts Therapies Coming Together

Workshops included:

  • Dancing into Wholeness
  • Haiku for Healing
  • Creative Arts Therapies in Managed Health Care
  • Art and Music Improv as a Meditation
  • Exploring Archetypes Within
  • Music Therapy-Assisted Childbirth
  • Music & Art Therapy-Breaking Barriers
  • The Expressive Walk in Dance Movement Therapy
  • Rhythmic Medicine
  • Biblical Psychodrama
  • Thunder & Writening: Exploring Anger & Forgiveness in our Lives
  • Advocacy Skills for Creative Arts Therapists
  • Inviting the Muse: Music and Poetry with Geriatrics
  • Multimodal Creative Arts Therapies with Drug-Addicted Chronic Schizophrenics: A Working Model
  • And Many Others!

    The Creative Arts Therapies Coming Together was the theme of a three day conference held Aug. 18-20 in Valley Forge, PA. Nationally known presenters introduced participants to the state of the art in each expressive therapy: music, dance, poetry, drama and psychodrama.

    The keynote speaker was Dr. Kenneth Bruscia, founder of Music Therapy programs at Temple University, author of many music therapy texts and former chair of the National Coalition of Arts Therapies Associations. Presidents of most of the arts therapies associations attended and participated in a panel discussion moderated by Norm Goldberg of St. Louis **

    To order the Conference Compendium ($10.), T-SHIRT ($12.)
    Highlight video will be $35. (when finished)
    Session Audio tapes as available $10.
    As far as audio tapes, it looks like available tapes will be:

    1. Multi-modal Creative Arts Therapies with Drug-addicted chronic schizophrenics: A working model - Cynthia Howard Jones MA ADTR
    2. Inviting the Muse: Music and Poetry with Geriatrics - Dena Condron, MMT-CMT
    3. Art & Music Improvisation as a Meditation Susan LaMantia MA, ATR & Eric Miller M.Ed. CMT-BC
    4. Advocacy skills for creative arts therapists Part 2 Susan Kleinman MA ADTR
    5. Maybe a couple others...

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