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Music Improvisation

Music Improvisation is creating music in the moment. It is deep listening to the sounds of your instrument and being guided by the sound. Then the magic begins. This moment to moment process teaches you to be present and explore your own self-expression.
Music Improvisation develops:

  • Skills in listening
  • Greater self-expression
  • Self-esteem
  • Connection with self and others
  • More spontaneity
  • Being in the momen
  • Musicianship skills
  • Playing from the heart

Have you ever played an instrument? Do you have one sitting in the corner? Are you a trained musician who is not sure how to play without  music or play with others? Have you always wanted to play an instrument but thought you were not musical?

Imagine surrendering to the sound of your instrument without judgment

Begin with your breath. Warm up your body, stretching and moving spontaneously. Move toward the instrument you know so well or are fascinated with. If you can pick it up, move with it. Take a deep breath and play one note. Listen deeply to the sound. Repeat it or play another note. Continue one note at a time. Listen for the end.

Lynn and Eric Miller are on staff for Music for People, a four year music improvisation training group. This organization teaches you to find your inner music and lead music groups, with the belief that we all have music potential. Music structures have been developed from the elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony and from structures of eastern and western music. All styles of music and all levels of experience are welcome.

Music for People

Inquire about group or one on one sessions to open your inner musician.

photos by Julie Weber

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