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I still fondly remember being in the "baby twos" at Miss Betty's Playschool almost 40 years ago. It was a fantastic experience of fun, learning, exploration, fingerpaint and paper maché. Growing up in the Boston area, I recall each year toward the end of school, looking forward to coming back to Miss Betty's summer camp. The images of going tubing in the creek, riding on the back of Miss Betty's Jeep to deliver the milk to the kids, building projects in the wood shop, the big summer picnic, and the feelings of wonder, support, self-confidence and happiness have stayed with me through the years. It is with joy that I now watch as Miss Betty, at 92 years old, greets my 4 year old Zak each morning along with all the kids coming to playschool at the Charlestown Playhouse.


It is with pleasure that Zak, Lynn and myself have worked on this song collection project in honor of Betty Stonorov and the Charlestown Playhouse. Please help support this unique school with the purchase of this new CD... and don't forget some for your friends!





Miss Betty's Jeep

& Other Songs for Kids


Eric, Zak & Lynn Miller


1. Miss Betty's Jeep

E. Miller '98

2. Jungle Lullaby*

Z. Miller '98

3. Humoowahoowey

E. Miller '95

4. Boxes

E. Miller '88

5. Monkey & the Engineer**

J. Fuller

6. Angels Watching Over Me


7. Chevalier (de la Pattisserie)


8. Puff the Magic Dragon


9. Kumbaya


10. Child's Meditation Song

E. Miller '94

11. Cat Fur

E. Miller '87

12. Rubber Band

D. Kohane & E. Miller '75

13. Zak's Soundcheck

Z. Miller '98

14. Clean up the Planet

E. Miller '94



Eric Miller - guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals, Lynn Miller - vocals, Zak Miller - vocals,

Tim Baum - Oboe, flute, *Mary Kynish - flute, Noah Thorpe - Drums, Uncle Walter - trumpet

Copyright ©1998 Eric Miller 125 Prospect St. Phoenixville, PA 19460 (610) 933-8145 Cover art by Lynn Miller **Coutesy Hilgreen Music

Listen to a clip from Miss Betty's Jeep here!

(wave file- 540K approx 1 minute +/- download


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