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Expressive Arts

The arts are a way of knowing, a vehicle to tap into our inner wisdom.

The arts are the language of the soul. Our soul speaks through sounds, images and movement. It is a way to communicate with our deeper knowing. The arts can be used to heal the body, soothe the mind and transform the spirit. These tools can be used by anyone, regardless of artistic experience, to create profound changes and activate deep levels of healing. Art making through visual art, music, movement and poetic writing can develop:

  • Authenticity
  • Expression
  • Intuition
  • Awareness
  • Connection

Art making is an inherent quality accessible to all human beings.You will be midwifed if you forgot.  By engaging in the process of art making you begin your own healing and  will be guided to find your own discoveries within.

All people have an ability to be creative. In an expressive arts session one re-discovers the creative self. By delving into emotions through the arts one discovers understanding and wholeness. Emotions are energy, they can be transmuted and transformed through the arts. The expressive arts lead us to the subconscious. This allows us to discover awareness. When we combine art forms such as dance our painting, create music from our words, we open up all our senses and deepen our understanding. As we go deeper inside, we have a greater connection from the inner and outer world. The inner and outer become one.    Natalie Rogers

The possiblities include:
Music -Drumming, Instrument playing, voice
Movement,-dance, body awareness
Visual art- painting, maskmaking, clay, mosaics, dollmaking

In an Expressive Arts session one or several art forms are combined to have a kinesthetic, visual and auditory way of knowing. Combining art forms opens the pathways of creativity and understanding. In a moment to moment approach to artmaking there is nothing you need to know. You will be guided toward your inner wisdom. The first step is to show up. This is a supportive atmosphere for the experienced or trained artist or unexpressed one who knows in their soul they need to create but does not know where to begin.




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