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New: Guided Imagery for relaxation (with melodic instrumental music - oboe, mandolin, keyboard - $10.

Coming Soon: A new series of music with imageries for various body regions - based on taoist healing sounds!

Special Thanks to Don Campbell for a wonderful workshop on Music & Healing in April '96. Tapes will soon be available for participants. ($35. for a 3 tape set.)
You can still order the '95 Conference Compendium ($10.), T-SHIRT ($12.)
Highlight video will be $35. (when finished)
Session Audio tapes as available $10.
As far as audio tapes, it looks like available tapes will be:

  1. Multi-modal Creative Arts Therapies with Drug-addicted chronic schizophrenics: A working model - Cynthia Howard Jones MA ADTR
  2. Inviting the Muse: Music and Poetry with Geriatrics - Dena Condron, MMT-CMT
  3. Art & Music Improvisation as a Meditation Susan LaMantia MA, ATR & Eric Miller M.Ed. CMT-BC
  4. Advocacy skills for creative arts therapists Part 2 Susan Kleinman MA ADTR
  5. Maybe a couple others...
    Note: the conference tapes are "LIVE" & only available with Dolby noise reduction.
    New Tapes are in progress! Check back with us..

to help out with the 1997 Conference:

Telephone: (610) 933-8145 or

E-Mail Eric Miller Ph.D. CMT-BC @ Expressive Therapy Concepts

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These events are sponsored by Expressive Therapy Concepts (ETC), a non-profit organization. ETC hosts trainings for creative arts therapists and community members. We are currently accepting articles for an upcoming newsletter, presentation proposals for workshops and volunteers for the 1997 Conference.

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