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Multi-Modal Arts
Join our new Swiss Art for People program. We invite you to experience the power of the arts for individual and community growth and healing.

Free Your Creative Self for self exploration, self empowerment, creative expression and connection.

This is a creatively chaotic adventure.
Be courageous, playful, and follow your instincts! The "Art House" is a supportive atmosphere for the experienced or trained artist as well as for the unexpressed one who knows in their soul they need to create but doesn't know where to begin.

In the "Art House" we develop skills in listening to the intuitive voice and trusting the process through painting and a variety of three dimensional works in group and individual projects. The participant is invited to bring their favorite or most feared art supplies with them. Paint, clay, pastels, fabrics, basic supplies and tools, mosaic materials, and found materials will be available.

Kientalerhof, Center for Wellbeing and Creativity
Kiental, Switzerland
This course will benefit teachers, social workers, artists, musicians, dancers, therapists, business people and anyone who would like further self development and have the opportunity to develop facilitation skills in art, team building, communication. Art for People is for anyone who wants to build their relationship to their intuitive voice, deep listening and creative expression in their life for themselves and with others.

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